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 These plays will be the BEST resources you use this year! They will:

  • Empower teenagers to make better decisions and engage them in the material
  • Give you easy-to-use, pre-formatted and prepared lessons accompanied by reflexion questions
  • Help in prevention, intervention and post-vention
  • Open the doors of communication with teens in a non-confrontational format

Why use these skits?

  • Your life is already busy enough!  These pre-prepared lessons will give you months of prepared materials  
  • Personal, social and emotional challenges are the primary reasons that students are prevented from reaching their academic potential
  • Adolescence is one of the most turbulant times of life! This is when young people are developping their moral standards and making decisions that will carve their future personality.
  • Poor decision-making skills constitute the #1 cause for teenage pregnancies, substance abuse and justice interventions
  • The coping skills that young people will learn by using drama as a teaching method will greatly diminish cases of self-harming behaviour, depression and suicide


Our Plays

The following is a list of different skits and plays that are available. Each one is accompanied by questions that can be useful in stimulating large group discussions, sharing circles or personal written reflections. These skits can be acted out by young people, so they have a chance to "live" the situation in a "real" fashion, while having the opportunity to feel what the characters are going through. N-Gage Educational Resources believes that Drama is the safest way of allowing students to explore different choices, actions, reactions and ways of responding to difficult situations.


 Online Friend

Tanya meets someone online and very quickly gets pulled into a world of manipulation where she is forced to do as asked, or have her pictures posted publicly.

Themes:  Internet security, Self-Esteem, Sexuality

 Internet security, Self-Esteem, Sexuality

One and a Half

Kaitlyn, a regular teen, discovers that she is possibly pregnant and is in denial, not wanting to deal with it.

Themes: Pregnancy, Relationships, Sex, Contraception

Pregnancy, Relationships, Sex, Contraception

A New Business

Jarvis, a young "entrepreneur", decides that it would be a good idea to develop a system of ripping off neighbours in rich ares and tries to recruit help.

Themes: Theft, Law, Boredom, Peer-pressure

 Theft, Law, Boredom, Peer-pressure

Hurts so Good

Maggies friends discover that she has developped a coping-mechanism of cutting to respond to stress and pressures of achieving.

Themes: Cutting, Self-esteem, Perfectionism, Stress, Pressure

Cutting, Self-esteem, Perfectionism, Stress, Pressure

The Big Night 

Tricia, daughter of two over-bearing parents, decides it's time to rebel and goes to a concert without their permission.  Chaos ensues.

Themes: Alcohol, Drugs, Lying, Relationships 

Alcohol, Drugs, Lying, Relationships

New Girl on the Block 

Jennifer, the new girl on the block, decides to lie to her parents and to go to a "shaker" party. 

Themes: Lying, Alcohol, Relationships, Parties, Sexuallity, Drugs

 Lying, Alcohol, Relationships, Parties, Sexuallity, Drugs


Jordan and his friends decide to skip a day of class to avoid a test and spend it smoking marijuana instead.

Themes: Drugs, Lying, Cheating, Peer-pressure

Drugs, Lying, Cheating, Peer-pressure,

The Juice

Ryan, hoping to play pro-football, is looking for a competitive edge.  He is given the opportunity to start using steroids to enhance his abilities.

Themes:  Steroids, Peer-pressure, Self-esteem, Future Aspirations


Steroids, Peer-pressure, Self-esteem, Future Aspirations

More than a Scarf

Danjip, a young Muslim student, is the subject of discussion of a group of teens.  They learn that she is more than "The girl wearing a scarf on her head"

Themes: Racism, Acceptance, Empathy, Cultural sensitivity

Racism, Acceptance, Empathy, Cultural sensitivity

The Bloods 

Justin re-surfaces after having disappeared to his friends for months.  He comes back JUICE-TIN, being deeply involved in a gang.

Themes: Gangs, Law, Substance Abuse, Plagiarism, Fitting-in

Gangs, Law, Substance Abuse, Plagiarism, Fitting-in

Cold Skates 

David, a skilled hockey player, begins to panic at the thought of another game.  His anxiety starts to take over and prevents him from keeping his mind on the ice and on the team.

Themes: Anxiety, Self-esteem, Team-work, Parents

Anxiety, Self-esteem, Team-work, Parents

Voice in my Head 

Sylvie faces the voice in her head that just won't shut up.  It tries to convince her that she is useless and a failure.

Themes: Self-esteem, suicide, self-harming behaviours, Eating disorders, depression 

Self-esteem, suicide, self-harming behaviours, Eating disorders, depression

 As the Bottle Spins

Kylee discovers that her boyfriend was at a party playing "Spin the Bottle" and drinking.  The rumours fly.

Themes:  Alcohol, Gossip, Friendships, Romance, Trust, Rumours

Alcohol, Gossip, Friendships, Romance, Trust, Rumours


Patricia is bullied and cast aside at school and eventually, Bulimia finds her.

Themes: Bullying, Eating-disorders, Self-esteem, Friendships, Body-image

Bullying, Eating-disorders, Self-esteem, Friendships, Body-image

You're not alone

Audrey's parents announce they are getting a divorce and she finally confides in her friends about how she feels.

Themes: Divorce, Friendships, Stress

Divorce, Friendships, Stress

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